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Returns a random 2 Chainz Quote in json format like the following example:

send a get request to https://api.chainz.rest/quote

          "quote": "I got a pocket full of money, it got me walking all slew-foot"

This endpoint also supports an optional batch parameter to get more than one quote per request. Maximum quotes that the endpoint will return is the amount of quotes in quotes.py and is subject to change. An example return from https://api.chainz.rest/quote?batch=2

          "quotes": [
          "I'm in the kitchen. Yams errrrrwhere.",
          "Started from the trap, now I rap"

Returns a random 2 Chainz alias in json format. The return values are weighted and a full list can be seen in aliases.py.

send a get request to https://api.chainz.rest/alias

          "alias": "Dos Cadenas"

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